Friday, August 26, 2005

Bye Bye Summer

So, here I am back at good ol' Cornell. Craziness. I have yet to fully grasp the fact that summer is really over. Being here has just been fun so far. Lots of friends to see, a big house to organize and decorate, lots of fun things to do. Even going to classes wasn't so bad! I'm only taking 15 credits this semester, so I'm hoping I'll be able to enjoy it... but let's be real, classes are classes, and mine are all engineering. But on the bright side, I'm in my last semester of engineering math!! I can't even express how excited I am to be done with that.

So the house is pretty cool. It's not as sketch as most... very clean and spacious. It acutally feels like a house :) And there's an empty room... so if you need a place to live, let me know!! And if you're here and haven't come over, you should! I love to have visitors!

So, summer ended nicely... here's a picture of me in my pink hard hat on the construction site:

hardhat! Posted by Picasa

Yeah, I know you're just about as jealous as all those construction workers.

So, the craziness of life is starting to pick up again. It's funny how busy we let ourselves get... no not let, insist. we crave busyness... we are obssessed with it. When we're not busy, we're bored and 'lazy'. I don't think it's very healthy. But hey, I'm probably the number one culprit, so who am I to talk!? I just chatted with Elizabeth (she says hi to all and she misses everyone here at school!) and she said she was going to work for a while and then travel in the spring. She said she considered going to Israel to live in a commune. Wow. Could you imagine? I kick myself for getting so caught up in the craziness of classes and clubs and all the other craziness... and I never even allow myself to entertain the possibility of doing something different. something unique. something not so in line with the American standard, but what I want. what i love. what i value. something that doesn't necessarily fit into the mold. something maybe not so busy and stressful, but meaningful nonetheless.

so, that's what i've been thinking about. take it or leave it. i'm glad that you at least read it :)


Monday, August 08, 2005

more pictures!

Yay! I finally got back my pictures from Boston. They're not so great, since they came off of a disposable camera, but they're still cute :) This is Jordan and me at Quincy Market...

quincy market Posted by Picasa

And this is me sitting on Boston Common!!

boston common Posted by Picasa

Here's Sumner and Jordan in their Red Sox jerseys the day we went to Fenway...

boys Posted by Picasa

Anyways, just thought I'd share a few of those :) I'm totally crazed right now with all the last minute 'to-do' items. I'm headed back to Cornell on the 19th!! Man that's soon. It's quite depressing to think that summer is practically over and it's time to get back to work. --sigh-- I guess I always knew that the fun would have to come to an end. But, if I'm really honest, I'm pretty excited to get back into the swing of things. Literally... I miss swing dancing!! And friends and even classes maybe a little. I can even admit that I miss Ithaca weather... what with it being over 100 here with the heat index.... haha just kidding!! I'd take 100 degrees over 2 feet of snow and negative temperatures any day :)

So in approximately 10 days I will be moving into my very first apartment. It's actually more of a house than an apartment, but same-dif. It's kinda wierd to think about. I'm really really going to be on my own now. I'm going to have to pay rent and clean and cook. It's scary... I'm starting to feel mature. Yuck. I still want to be Peter Pan and fly around NeverNeverland and never ever grow up. No sir. Not me!

Lol, anyways... I'll be back on the 19th so if you're in Ithaca come visit me!! It's 118 Blair Street :)

For the rest of you... feel free to come for a weekend!! You know you want to...

I'm off to do some 'work' now ;) 'til we meet again...