Friday, September 30, 2005

I know, I know...'s been forever. I'm sorry. I really have no excuse. Honestly, I just forgot!! Well, that is until I was pleasantly reminded the other day the my blog is starting to collect dust!! So, my sincerest apologies. I didn't mean to leave you high and dry. Life's just been a little crazy :)

The first month or so of classes has flown by. I just took my first prelims this week... for those of you who don't know what 'prelim' means, it's Cornell's way of taking a 'midterm' and multiplying it! So, instead of having one big test half-way through the semester, you have two or three big tests and then a final... and Cornell, being so considerate, would hate to have you miss any minute of valuable instruction, so they make them at night... one and a half hour exams at 7:30 pm... and of course, they're on the complete opposite side of campus. Not that I'm bitter or anything. Not at all.

But, that aside, my prelims have gone fairly well. I say that now because I haven't actually gotten my grades back yet. Don't ask me about it next week.

Something else I'm not bitter about: Engineering courses. We go to lecture, sit there for an hour with blank stares on our faces, generally having no clue what the prof is talking about (either because the material is over our heads, or more likely 'cause he doesn't speak english!) and then we go home and read the book... and read the book... and read the book. And then we take prelims, and we all fail. Literally, the mean is below 60. And for some reason we all act like this is ok!?! Am I crazy here? Am I the only person who thinks this is a bit ridiculous!? I find myself not even suprised when I look at my notes from a lecture and have no clue what they mean. And getting a 65 doesn't even phase me. I walk out of prelims and think, 'well, at least I got one problem!' I feel like I'm the only person who feels this way... maybe everyone else is just really smart. Or maybe no one will ever say anthing because nobody else does... stupid competitive engineers. There's enough jobs for everyone!

Anyways, other than that, life is good. Really, it is. I love my new house :) It's so fun... and having a housemate who can cook is a beautiful thing. Megan's a food science major and a food fanatic. The other day after my prelim she made me home-made cinnamon buns. And she tells me things like, reasons why some cheese cracks and others don't and why lettuce goes bad and how to cook just about anything. And she brings home fresh pressed applesauce. And she makes the best cookies ever. And she talks about enzymes and amino acids and other big words. So, if you ever want some gourmet food, you know where to come!! Just bring some good ingredients :)

I also love my house because we have digital cable. TiVo is amazing. I don't even want to watch regular TV anymore. I watch the music video channel (where you pick which songs you want to see!) and then record the shows I like and watch them later... when I can fast forward through the commercials!! Seriously, it's one of the best inventions ever.

Alright, that's all for now. My room looks like a tornado hit it, and if I don't clean it soon the piles of clothes might evolve into monsters that will eat me in my sleep (I always though Darwin was a smart guy!)

I won't forget about you anymore... I'll be back soon :)


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Jacquelynn said...

::laughs:: I always think that somehow Cornell is at some high standard above all these other colleges in the country...and then you go to describe your life, your prelims, your housing arrangement--and you know? It's pretty much the same anywhere you go. Don't worry. You're not alone. And hopefully, if these universities do as they claim, we'll be better off when we get to the end of it. :)

--your sort-of-new-but-not-really-friend-from-GC,