Sunday, October 30, 2005

I love elipses.

Not that that's any suprise at all to you. I'm going to try to write an entire post without using them. This might prove to be insanely difficult for me.

So, can I just say that I hate, no LOATHE, the car shop. I have been there at least half a dozen times in the past month. And no, not because my car is a piece of junk. Because the people that work there are incompetent. Seriously lacking in mental capabilities. And those are their good traits! It all started a month or so ago when I took my car their to have the heater fixed. No prob they said. So they fix it all up and a couple hundred dollars later I'm all set to go. Well, I hadn't so much as made it home when I noticed a small crack in my control panel. --sigh-- So back I go. I show them the problem and they apologize profusely and promise to order a new panel for me and install it for free. Sweet. I love new parts. Mine was looking a little dull anyways. So a week goes by and no word. So I call, and as politely as possible, inquire about the situation. Panel? What? Broken? Parts? Sweet. My car mechanic has amnesia. He has no clue what I'm talking about. So, I have to explain the whole story to him. At the end of which he says, ohhh! that part! As if he had just conveniently forgot. Right. So anyways, turns out he hadn't ordered it yet. ugh. so another week goes by. i call again. and once again he has no clue who i am or why i'm calling. i explain the entire story. again. and once i have jogged his memory he suddenly remembers that he ordered the part but it's on back order so it'll be a few more days. AH! needless to say i'm starting to feel slightly frustrated. but hey, no big deal. it's just a part and it's no big deal if i have to wait a little longer. so finally they get the part in and i bring my car down to have them put it in. i'm chilling out in the waiting room since they said it'd take less than an hour and after about ten minutes the guy comes over with this part in his hands. oh no. here we go again. so, he says, here's the new part. but it's chipped. do you still want me to put it in? well at this point i have just about had it. yes i said, just put it in. it's not so noticeable and i really just want to be done with this whole ordeal. so he goes back. and i sit. and sit. and sit. and almost two hours later he finally comes to tell me it's done. phew. finally. so i go to leave. get in car. turn on car. check out fancy new panelling. cringe at chip and scold myself for not waiting for a new part. turn on radio. radio panelling falls off in hand. FALLS OFF IN MY HAND!? what?! luckily i hadn't even left yet so i just walk right back in. this time i speak to a manager. that's right. i mean business. or at least i tried to mean business. right up until i started crying. i just couldn't take it anymore! i didn't want them to touch my car one more time but if i left it would broken until i paid someone else to fix their mistake! so i explain the whole situation to this guy ('cause of course he has no idea who i am or why i'm there) and he goes to look at it. It's broke he says. awesome. wonderful. just great. so he says he'll order me a new one but it'll take a few days. of course, i nod. a few days. right. so i finally leave to go home. and what do you know. about half way home i go to turn on the a/c, but for some reason it's blowing hot air. so i wait. and wait. and wait. and now i'm home. and it's still blowing hot air. there's no cold air. WHAT?! THE WHOLE REASON I WENT TO THE CAR SHOP IN THE FIRST PLACE WAS BECAUSE IT WOULD ONLY BLOW HOT AND NOW IT WILL ONLY BLOW COLD!?! needless to say, i lost it completely at that point. i'm still not sure if i have recovered. i've been back since. and they fixed the heating problem. the stereo's still broken though. who know's if it'll ever get fixed. i'm not keeping my fingers crossed.



Anonymous said...

Well, I just had to mention that if you do a google search for "elipses" the beautiful summary of this post is "I love elipses. Not that that's any suprise at all to you. I'm going to try to write an entire post without using them. This might prove to be insanely ..."

Elipses Lover Slash Hater said...

Loved the theme of the post!!!