Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Dear Erica,
I can see that today might not be the best day to mention it; however, i have noticed that your extremely entertaining blog site has hit a slight plateau. Not wishing to add any pressure, but your fun commentary on life in general has been missed :-P. Perhaps we could institute a little note informing your admiring public audience of when an update has been made? Hope your summer is going really well, and you are having bunches of fun!

Barry Blogreader

My sincerest apologies for taking so long in updating... I hope you can all forgive me :)

Life has been crazy!! My wisdom teeth were successfully extracted (thanks for all the encouragement and prayers!) and after a few drug-induced, chipmunk days, I'm fully recovered... well except for the gaping holes in the back of my mouth that keep stealing all my food!! (yuck, i know!)

Last week I started my summer internship. It's a pretty sweet deal: I'm volunteering for my church, specifically my dad who is the "building expansion pastor", helping manage the buidling of our church's first facility. The cool part is that I'm being paid by Cornell (since my church is a non-profit and I'm volunteering) So, I have an all-expenses-paid summer (including all the ice-cream I can eat!!) and "expected summer income replacement". Nice, huh? So these past two weeks I've just been following my dad around and trying to get a handle on everything that's happening. I've got to walk through the building, which is in the middle of construction. They broke ground in the last summer and are supposed to finish in late November. It's a fun job... lots of lunch meetings (and occasionaly breakfast and dinner too!) and I get to wear a hard-hat!! In fact I think I'm going to have to order my own hard-hat soon ;)

So... my brother is getting married on Saturday. THIS saturday. It's pretty crazy, but of course exciting as well. These past few weeks have been filled with wedding craziness. Last week we finally finished the programs... I must have spent 5 or more hours helping Diane (my brother's fiance) and she even did more work on her own!! Nobody better even dare throw them away after the ceremony. They should be taken home and framed. Lol, but they really are very classy, as the rest of the wedding will surely be. I'm mostly excited for the reception... jumbo shrimp, crab cakes, filet mignon, and CAKE! Yum. And lots of dancing too... and hopefully champagne!!

So anyways, that's pretty much what's new in my life. The other night the girls and I decided to get all dolled up in our prom dresses for a night on the town:

prom - take2! 
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prom - take2! 
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prom - take2! Posted by Hello

prom - take2! Posted by Hello

It was fun... and so crazy to think that an entire year has passed since prom. It feels like yesterday!

Alright, I must go get ready... the bachelorette party is in an hour!! I promise I'll write more as soon as all of this wedding hoop-la has passed, but this will have to do for now!



jordan said...

Dude, you would be pumped for the champagne. I went to the dentist yesterday and I too have to get the teeth pulled, which is muy lame. Have fun with the strippers tonight

Kane said...

A pink hardhat? WHAAAAAT?!?!?!

But seriously, good luck with the wedding...and try not to drink too much.