Wednesday, June 29, 2005

home sweet home

i'm suprised to see that you came back after that last one...

but it's nice to know that ya'll care about me :)

so, i'm home from California now. it was a fun trip...

we saw LA - watched some movie stars walk down the red carpet, drove through ritzy neighborhoods, saw the kodak theatre where the academy awards are, and drove up to the Hollywood sign.

we stayed closer to San Diego - we ventured to the beach a few times, although i was never really impressed. they're pretty much small and smelly! i'd take the atlantic anyday over that! but it was cool to "swim in the pacific" and i loved watching the surfer boys. we finally were able to watch the sunset... instead of having to get up ridiculously early to watch the sunrise! we went kayaking too, in the caves of La Holla. And we went to the zoo!! it didn't quite live up to all the praise it's given, but i had fun....i really liked the gorillas :)

we spent a day in mexico... um, that was interesting. we got out of the car in what seemed to be spring break central. we couldn't get away from the excruciatingly loud music and wherever we went we were attacked by street vendors. we must have looked ridiculous. mr. and mrs. tourist with their two kiddos... here for the partay! right. so that didn't really last long. but it was fun to say we went!

on saturday we went to disney. again, not really as cool as the east coast, but still fun. i got to see lots of princesses and we saw a production of aladdin!

benji and i took the red eye home sunday night, but the 'rents are still out there. i think i'm finally over that whole jet lag thing, but i still feel a little out of things.

it's fun being home alone, although way too much work. when we first got home i realized that we had absolutely no food. so i went to the store to get groceries, what with the $13 my parents left me for the week. right. so, we got bread and milk and other necessities. i've been raiding the freezer every night to scrounge up dinner. tonight i made bacon potato chowder with frozen potatoes and canned broth. yum. haha, and ben of course is no help. yesterday he told me i had to make him a sandwich because he didn't know how. ugh... brothers.

it's storming pretty badly outside... lots of thunder and lightening! kinda scary being home alone and all. ::shudder::

alrighty, that's all for now... the brownies are almost done!! it was nice chatting... i'd love to hear how you're doing, since now you know all about my travels!!




Anonymous said...

hey sweet heart. I"m glad to hear you had a fun time. Sounds like a blast. I can totally say i feel for you on the whole not having any food b/c my rents have been outta town for 21days and i dont have a crumb left . im living off pink lemonade. ha well cal me sometime to hang out hun i miss ya. nighty night babe!!!

Anonymous said...

ahhhh the last entry was by a really hott guy who has like this huge crush on you b/c you are sooo cute. it dosen't say my name so you have to guess...

(hint) Backflips are fun!!!