Monday, June 13, 2005


That's about all I can say!! I'm exhausted! This weekend was absolutely wonderful :)

So, I'll start where I last left off. The bachelorette party :) It was really fun... but no strippers, Jordan! We all met for pina coladas at the maid of honor's house...

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...and we made diane get all dolled up!!

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And of course we decorated the car...

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...and then we were on our way! We went downtown to Baltimore for dinner at a nice cuban restaurant, and then to a club for a little dancing :) Diane had fun with a bouqet of blow-pops which she carried around and asked random men, "suck for a buck?" She actually made quite a bit of money selling those lollipops!! Dancing was very fun... and of course everyone wanted to dance with the bride-to-be (or at least buy her a drink!!) Here's Di and I at the club...

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After we left, we met up with the boys (who were having their own bachelor par-tay) around 3am for some donuts and a few laughs. When I finally got to bed it was almost 4 and then I was up early in the morning for even more wedding hoop-la! We had a bridesmaids luncheon Thursday... Di took us to the easter shore for a boat ride...

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...and then crabs for lunch!! Man, were they were delicious... and not to mention gi-normous!! And after that Di and I came home to celbrate my daddy's birthday... with steak!! Haha, I was sooo full, but you know me, never one to pass up on some good food ;) Then Friday was the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. A little stressful, but fun to be with family and friends. And then the wedding!! It was beautiful. Just like a fairy-tale... We tried to keep Di from being nervous or stressed and it was nice because we had about 45 minutes to just relax and the church before the ceremony. Everything was going smoothly, but then right as I was about to walk into the church to proceed to the front, one of the roses fell off my bouquet. YIKES! I didn't know what to do because if I turned around or said anything, Diane would see and freak out... and so, in my panic, I threw it in a nearby closet!! Lol, oh well. Besides that, everything went without a problem. Here's me and my cousin Brianna, the flower girl...

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...she was adorable. Here's the newlyweds :) That kiss must've lasted a good minute! At least long enough to get several pictures!!

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Awww, cute, I know. Here's the whole wedding party...

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And the reception was extraordinary. The food was marvelous... salad, champagne, filet, bread, champagne, cake, asparagus, champagne, cake... lol, all my favorites. Did I mention there was champagne? ;) And a tasty little drink called a "lemon-drop martini" yum. I think I might have liked those even more than the champagne! Haha, but there really wasn't much time for drinking because we were all WAY too busy dancing. The reception was under a tent, right on the chesapeake bay, but man was it hot. I was really sweaty...

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...but having way too much fun to care! It all went by soo fast, and pretty soon we were sending J and Di off with sparklers :) It was a little emotional, saying good-bye to my big brother... but fun to see him so incredibly happy and in love.

So here I sit. Can you see now why I might be a tad exhausted?? We've had family in all weekend, but now things are finally quieting down. It has been fun, but I must say... I'm relieved. Things have been really stressful around here, and I'm ready for some real summer relaxation. Ben will be done school in a few days and then our family --minus jason of course :*( -- will be off to San Diego for vacation. I'm working on convincing my mom that we need to go to the spa and on my dad that we should bring some champagne ;)

Lol, so I'm off to bed. It's back to work tomorrow...



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