Saturday, July 23, 2005


I finally got the pictures back from California... although now that seems like forever ago!

Here's ben and I right underneath the Hollywood sign. That's about as close as you can possibly get to it!

hollywood Posted by Picasa

This is Balboa Park...

balboa park Posted by Picasa

And here's us at the San Diego Zoo!! Behind us is the giant panda that they had there on loan from China!

panda Posted by Picasa

Anyways, I just wanted to share those with you :) Eventually I'll get some back from Boston too!



Jason said...

you look soo cute.... in those pics. well thanks again for going shopping with me it was fun. ill get back to you on the whole downtown situation. night sweetie!

Jason said...

omg you ready.... here it comes.... thursday being our lil date and dancing.... omg so much fun !!!!!!!!! yay im so excited baby!

The Four Tops said...

how can i find out how to loan a panda?