Friday, July 08, 2005

more summer craziness...

i LOVE boston!

last weekend i visited the city for the first time ever, and it was really incredible. everything is so old... not old in a gross way, but in an intriguingly historic way. i left Friday morning on a 6am Greyhound bus. i must say, i was definitely a little sketched out by the whole bus ordeal, but i made it to NYC alive. i spent the afternoon there... window shopping in greenwich, acting bohemian in soho, haggling in chinatown, and wandering through times square. justin met us (p.s. did i mention my sumner came with!? oops!) for lunch and took us to a delicious bbq place. yumm. and then it was off to boston! the weekend was filled with adventures, including a game and tour at fenway, sitting in the shade on boston common and walking around harvard yard... or yahd as a true bostonian would say ;)

i got back late sunday night, and well... i'm gone again. this time i'm back up at school. in fact, i'm currently posting this from the computer in the lab at the student center. it's pretty wierd to be on campus, especially with everything being so empty. i'm here to work at an engineering camp... that's right, a week-long high school girl's engineering camp. call me a nerd, but i think it's actually gonna be pretty fun! right now it's just the program assistants who are here, but the girls will get here tomorrow afternoon. so tonight i've got a date with my book and my bed :)

i'll be back late saturday!

'til then...


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Jason said...

sounds like a blast you should have invited me.... meany head. j/k well haven't talked to you in a while we so need to hang out. night sweetie