Friday, May 06, 2005

Happy Slope Day!

We made it!! Finally all done with classes :)

Today was wonderful... the Cornell weather machine was right on schedule... warm and sunny for slope day! It was really beautiful outside, but i must say, if this weather keeps up this whole 'studying' thing is not going to go over well!

So, this afternoon I went to a pig roast! Mmmmmm.

pig Posted by Hello

Elizabeth was especially fond of the little piggie :)

After that we headed down to the slope for the festivites. Man was that crazy!

slope Posted by Hello

Kinda reminiscent of the creation music festival (well, not as big or as amazing, but still cool!) We were trying to guess how many people were there... 5,000 maybe? I especially enjoyed the free 'vanizzle shizzle' ice cream in honor of snoop :) Elizabeth & I got free tatoos too...

tatoos Posted by Hello

...scandalous, I know! :-o

We were also trying to guess the percentage of intoxicated persons on the slope. I said 75% but everyone else said 90%... well they were also all 'crunked' at the time, so who knows... i thought maybe that'd prove me right, but i realize now that maybe that just proves them right!

Anyways, it was really quite enjoyable! Although I still only know one Snoop Dogg song though! (and that's only from hearing Julie sing it!)

So now to complete this celebration, I've ordered DP Dough for dinner! Yum. A true Cornell tradition ;)

'til next time...



Jacquelynn said...

...I still don't understand this Slope Day thing, or the dough either for that matter. I feel that your blog is alienating members of your audience who aren't not Cornellians. :) Okay, so I guess that's a concern of an English major or a playwright and not a...what is it again? Research, Engineering something or other major...? (Okay, I guess this just identifies me as coming from a college that only has majors like "English" and "Business" and sometimes if you want to get particularly specified, "History and and Secondary Education.") Anyhow, good to know I have more blogging company now. ...I've been doing so for years, and it's gotten kind of lonely. Nice to have new friends. :)

Erica said...

lol... my sincere apologies! I didn't realize i had such a diverse readership!! I'll do my best to not discriminate against non-Cornellians in the future :)