Monday, May 09, 2005


Have I ever told you that I love the color pink? Well, I do :)

A friend of mine showed me these barbie usb drives! I gotta get me one of those. I really think they're on to something there... no seriously! I mean, technology in general isn't very attractive to women. It's a very sexist industry. Honestly, I think I'd be more likely to buy any sort of technological gadget if it were pretty (and especially if it were pink :) ) Take this laptop for example. I mean, it's a little over the top, but still, very cute. So you see, there is a whole market here that no one has tapped in to! Someday (when I'm working for google ;) ) I'll become rich and famous by creating a new line of technological products designed especially for women.

So I figured out the other day that I can post audio clips on my blog via cellphone. That's pretty much incredible. I can't think of when I'd ever really need it... well maybe if I was being attacked and needed to be rescued I could call and post a help message and, since there are so many of you who check this blog religiously, someone would undoubtedly come to help me within seconds. But other than that, I'm not so sure if I'll ever use it. But just for fun, I'll show you how it'll have to turn the volume up to hear it since it's not great quality:

this is an audio post - click to play

The first time I heard that song I was at a key elements a cappella concert. I loved it so I of course went home and downloaded it. And then, in true erica fashion, I listened to it incessantly for weeks on end. So then, just a few weeks ago, my friend amanda and I were at a dance concert and one of the numbers was to this song. Long story short, after much discussion, Amanda informed me that this song is really all about sex. Now I know you're all probably like, 'duh!' but I seriously had no idea! I always thought it was about the color pink! No seriously, I really did!

So what I want to know is why everyone finds it so necessary (and possibly even amusing) to taint me. For example, just last week I was told that Maroon 5's song 'This Love' is really all about sex too. I honestly thought they meant 'come back' as in 'to return'. Think about it... they might have meant that!

Ok fine. I loose. You know what other song they ruined for me? Crash. By Dave Matthews Band. I always thought that it is about souls colliding. But no. It's all about sex they say.


What is this world coming to.

Alright, I'm off to bed. My neighbor just im-ed me to say "What are you still doing up!? It's way past your bedtime!!" Lol... sadly true.

'til we meet again,



ds said...

That laptop is pretty much the uggliest thing ever. Ever.

Jacquelynn said...

A Girl's Guide to Gadgets Check that out. It's a blog, but it's been up for quite some time and tracks stuff like your Barbie USB key. I've been watching it for a long time too because, as you say, technology isn't aimed at women. Unfortunately, I don't have partuicularly "female" tastes, and don't generally like the things I find, but if you're looking for Hello Kitty and Barbie, let me just say, this is the place for you... :)

Erica said...

Your mom is pretty much the 'uggliest' thing ever. And p.s.-- its ugliest!

Jacquelynn said...

Not if you're talking about boots. Those are, I would say, quite "uggly."

Erica said...

HaHa!! You got me there :)

ds said...

Okay, so I can't spell. We all knew that. That's what spell check is for.

Emily said...

Not to be too skeptical of the delightfully pink post, but I couldnt help myself. I wouldnt particularly call not having pink computers an act of sexism. Sexism is guys saying we cant throw, drive (cough DEAN cough), or...yknow, sayyyyy, vote? Opening computers up to an all new 'pretty' factor'll do nothing to empower women. Its just good marketing.

Colin said...

Just because these songs (like many others) are about sex does not mean that you can't listen to them anymore. They are still great songs, the only difference is that you now know what they are about now :)