Tuesday, May 03, 2005

My first blog!

Yay! I've officially entered the blogging world. I'm not exactly sure how this is going to work out... especially since I hate writing... but well, I have a paper to write tonight and I've run out of entertaining distractions and everyone else is working... so here goes nothing!

My first act as an official blogger will be to figure out how to create links. This will make my blog more interesting, in the hopes that someone will actually read it! let's see here... test

That better work considering I just got a lesson on link-creating from the master of blog links.

Now, my second act as an official blogger will be to figure out something to say. I'm a firm believer that if you are going to write a blog, you should only do so if you have something to say. Not that it has to be interesting, or even accurate, but it just has to be... something.

on to something...
(give me a break... it's my first time!!)

I'm quite excited that school is almost done. 3 more days of classes! I'm so ready for summer... No more stupid math problem sets where I write down the question and then copy the answer from the back of the book... and no more essays!! Today I bought a shirt that says "Cornell Engineering: where your best hasn't been good enough since 1870" So true, so true.

But honestly, I am a little sad to be leaving my friends here... (no comments from the peanut gallery please)... its definitely going to be a weird transition.

Other things I will miss...
-Wednesday bread bowls at Trillium... last one tomorrow :*(
-Late night snuggle parties
-Complaining about the weather (seriously... I was thinking about how empty our conversations would be if we refrained from discussing the weather completely... it would be ridiculous)
-Swing dancing! ...and insane swing email extravaganzas that last until the wee hours of the morning so that I wake up and find my inbox cluttered with 50+ emails!

Ok, I need to stop reminiscing before I cry.

I just realized that this whole blogging-thing does not provide spell-check... that may be a problem.

Oh wait... nevermind... it does. I just found it :)

I also just realized that blogging might actually be the number one cause of ADD.

On another note, I decided today that I need to somehow find a way to get a job with google because they are going to take over the world. If you don't believe me, watch this. Kinda creepy... but probably true... so google here I come!

Alright, I should probably at least pretend to do some work. I think I made out alright for my first official blog, didn't I?

'til tomorrow--



Kane said...

I admittedly enjoyed the first entry, which is completely contrary to my earlier belief that bloggging is a time-consuming, nearly worthless activity. But when a person as prestigious as Erica Mallare begins her very own, very special blogging career, I feel compelled to invest my extremely, extremely, extremely, (seriously, really important) time in following it. So congrats and all that good stuff.

ds said...

Yay for blogging! Not bad for someone who "can't write." Keep it up and maybe you'll actually have people reading your take on the world.

Emily said...

That definitely had a purpose. Good thing all those starving orphans in Somalia can count on you to blog frequently...

ps i heart erica and breadbowls
pps i heart breadbowls a bit more than erica
ppps like julie, i now draw breadbowls during the classes i have leading up to wednesday lunch
pppps i'm out

Elizabeth said...


your blog was great. in case i ever forget who you are or what you're like, i can just read the blog! phew!

it will be nice to read during the summer when i'm missing my fabulous roommate. well you're sitting across the room right now, and i'm pretty sure that we both should be studying. so that's all for now. :o)

the roommate said...

ok, so here's some more, since i'm quite obvioulsy procrastinating.

it occured to me as i was writing your blog comment that we are in fact leaving in a few short weeks! as ready as we are to get away from the work and the weather, it is a little sad to think that freshman year is ending. we will think back at the good times in F5...i know i'm sentimental, but lets really enjoy these last few weeks.

ok thats enough, since you're probably the only one who's going to be reading this anyway, and you are still across the room. and i still have work to do :)

Renata said...

YEY, Swing! Anyone else notice that that picture Kurt provided makes everyone look ridiculous?! Except for Meg? .. !!

SandraD said...

nicely done Erica
being completely clueless I have no idea what a blog is and what it's purpose is, but . . . I can relate to procrastination and the random ramblings of one procrastinating is something I understand all to well, and enjoy thoroughly!!! So . . . until the next Blog or until May in MD!!