Thursday, May 12, 2005

it's beginning to smell a lot like... SPRING!

So yesterday when I walked out my front door, I smelled spring!! You know... that smell when the air is warm, the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and the grass is green! It was incredible. Spring finally made it to Ithaca! Of course now, just because I said this, the high for tomorrow is forcasted to be just above 50. Of course. Well, it was nice for the two days it lasted. It really is unfortunate that the nicest weather in Ithaca comes during the summer when school's out. Who's idea was that!?

I saw these pretty flowers while I was walking on campus today :)

flowers Posted by Hello

They really are beautiful... and they're everywhere too! However, the flowers and I are not exactly on good terms right now. Mainly because they are making my life miserable :*( My spring allergies are just about as horrible as they could possibly be. (I shouldn't have said that... now I've really done myself in...) Today I completely gave up and laid on my bed for a good hour with a wash cloth on my face as I cried to my mom over the phone. She, on the other hand, was lying on the beach in South Carolina. Somehow my pleas for her to come here and take care of me weren't exactly effective.


I hate this whole growing up thing. Sometimes you just need your mom, you know? It's like that book... "I'll Love You Forever"... you know, the one that every mom buys for their kid 'cause it makes them cry... yeah, that one. I just need my mom to crawl in my window right now and sit by my bed and rock me to sleep...

only a few more days.

I'm off to bed... Goodnight all... sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite :)


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Dear Dolly...

You really ARE a geek. (If I were geekier, I could figure out how to insert a bold and italic HTML tag. Oh.. never mind... I just figured it out. Maybe you CAN teach an old dawg new tricks!)

But I guess I'm proud of you.

Mom, on the other hand will probably cry for days, so I'm not going to show her your latest blog until she gets home from work tomorrow.

I love you, Dolly...